Your island has been overrun by human invaders!
Do you have what it takes to lead your monster friends to victory?
Rise from the Ashes
Rebuild your crumbling town and fill it with monstrous inhabitants to aid you on your journey!
Turn based... Townbuilding?
The unique turn based movement mechanics offer a twist on classic townbuilding RPGs.
Lots to do!
Between farming, building, ranching, mining, and fighting, there's plenty to keep you busy on Isle Goblin.
Lovable Monstrocities
A diverse set of NPCs and creatures await, each with unique personalities and quirks.
Available for Wishlist on Steam!
Isle Goblin is still early in production, but if you want to stay in the loop you can wishlist on Steam! You'll get a notification once the game is available or on sale.
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Other Stuff!
For some fun fan art in the Isle goblin style, check out our Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or TikTok. You can also join the official Isle Goblin discord server:
The Kilowatt Team
Cleanup on Isle Goblin is developed by Kilowatt Games in San Diego, California. We’re two brothers that both adore video games and work together to build the best gaming experience that we can. We handle not only all the programming, art, sound effects, and music, but also any advertising, editing, marketing, and legal work that needs to be done. We love the whole process, and the support we’ve recieved so far is overhelming. Thanks for being a part of our journey and making our dreams a reality!
Matt Smith
As an avid goblin enthusiast, Matt is responsible for game design, art, and programming. He places each pixel, writes each line of code, and posts all the Isle Goblin content.

Favorite Games: Terraria, Breath of the Wild, Factorio, Hollow Knight
Mike Smith
Mike provides input on game design and handles all of the music and sound effects. Currently studying both data science and music, he’s well equipped to all of Isle Goblin’s auditory needs... and also the web development/video editing!

Favorite Games: Getting Over It, Overwatch, Terraria